BC Libraries and Space. Go jump in the lake this summer


This summer has been a wonderful BC Wide experience for me both family-wise and work-wise.  The two have collided around this coming Summer Reading Event from the Burnaby Public Library.

As a part of the free public outdoor movie nights offered in Burnaby I will be out this Thursday with the CooperativeTV gear supporting a public Q&A with space scientist Darlene Lim. Look also for a coming post of our video message for BC Libraries from Cmdr Chris Hadfield (someone who loves social media *almost* as much as I do) — note here it’s Chris Hadfield birthday that day so expect there will be some sing-along too.

Emcee’ing the event will be Children’s Librarian Vicki Donoghue and Pavillion Lake Research Project manager Donnie Reid. It is the Pavillion Lake project that has gotten me most thrilled with this to-do list item for myself. Pavillion Lake is a lake near Clinton, BC. In this lake space science comes down to earth testing space practice, and theory, with underwater submersibles, BC scuba talent and in-real-life science that blows my mind. In a just short time the idea of #gojumpinthelake and BC summers has taken on a new meaning to me, as has the busting of sterotypes I had about the depth (ha ha), range and breadth of the expertise that speaks to Canada contribution to space exploration and knowledge.

As I get set to show up on the field in Burnaby this week and help share as much as we can about space, science, BC, knowledge and exploration I am hopeful we can learn a little more, and enjoy a whole lot, of connectedness about the themes that matter most to anyone in the Province and especially all those kids who spend their summers up, up and away with the space themed Summer Reading Club for 2013.  Join the conversation on twitter at #BCLibrariesSpace

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