At recent #yvr meet up was fortunate to tap the perspective of Scott Leslie for expedient library participation in the maker movement. Nothing less than the idea that multi-branch library systems go bookless in some of their venues to host local makerspaces.

Now which BC library system is gonna do that? Any takers… I’m looking at you GVPL? FVRL… !

I think for the last two years the constant.. “So whaddaya want us to do with makerspaces in libraries??” has been a fair question. Largely because administration are looking to these marquee services as something ‘high tech’ only. But a maker tool is – in more traditional – sense be a variety of tools low to high tech. If a library has a shaky infrastructure or tough IT Support complement it is tricky to simply embrace makerspaces.

And, as Scott so rightly put it… library people you don’t need to be expert in the stuff! Go with your strengths. Enable a multiplicities of maker movement actors to bring in gear like Vancouver Hackspace can or build out a project like DIY BookScanner. Brook the conversation and engage community learning ops — we can do that. Have a great project idea like librivox books in public domain release.

Cause we are good with access, sharing and multiplicities. Or we were.. and we should be again..

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