Giving up proprietary sources for Lent

We’re getting ready for a new open data learning opportunity in Vancouver. This is a follow up on OpenData Learning Summit that was my dreamy conference experience for Fall 2012. I limit myself to one of those per quarter. When I was there I was heartened about the re-orientation of many public library enterprises to non-proprietary content. It is work that need be done.

Why is it important? Well because we are PUBLIC libraries. We need to be public and open to where data is instead of running info castles for only certain published content. I don’t know about you.. but I’m giving up databases for Lent.

OpenData. Is the step toward access services and the best move to distance libraries from the shifting sands of ‘book is brand’… Access, liberation that’s what libraries are for! In many respects if we don’t do these things then Terry Deary is right.


At OpenData Summit was lots of generous sharing from the presenters but one of my favorites was this session Storytelling with Open data from @coppinr

I hope we’ll be stepping along with this at the March 15 DataCamp, can you join us? or submit a question, hack idea or project outcome from your perspective. Please look at the open spreadsheet to brainstorm publicly. Please, my library friends, choose open resources more often than not between now and the Ides of March… how much dependency can we lose? And how can we afford not to try? Do you have a favorite alternate site to subscription DBs to share. Something like Health Info Repositories, or Hathi Trust or Open Library or somethin’ Give us a tip in the comments. Libraries love our open resources but do we promote the favorites the way we do for-cost items??

ps.. If you are a library person and not using Twitter. Please consider adding twitter to your public library work in 2013. It is viable, popular way to open yourself, your library and the public up to the work at hand. See you.

whacha think?

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